17 Ideas for Long LinkedIn Headlines

The arrival of longer headlines for our LinkedIn profiles means we can now make them more visually creative than there was previously space for.

Words are still important, of course, but now it’s possible to say everything needed PLUS add some colour, life and personality to your LinkedIn headline.

This article share 17 ideas for doing just that.

But first, why are long LinkedIn headlines important?

• Headlines follow you around LinkedIn. Wherever your profile photo shows up, so too does your headline. At least the first 4-6 words. The remainder is visible to anyone visiting your profile page.

• Keywords – LinkedIn is a massive search engine so headlines that contain regularly searched keywords and phrases will be found more often. They’re also important to human readers.

• Grab attention / interest – it’s a competitive world so you need to stand out. Your LinkedIn headline is one place that’s under your control so you can make sure you do.

Long LinkedIn Headline formula

Creating a headline can be tricky. Sometimes, using a formula can help. Especially one that ensures your headline contains all the information your target audience needs. Here’s one that might help:

  • Who you are
  • What you do
  • Who for
  • The benefits or results

This is how the forumula might look in an example from my own profile:

You can see it contains all parts of the formula:

Who I am: the Word Wizard

What I do: profile updates, coaching, training and marketing

Who for: professionals and businesses

The benefits or results: helping people reach their goals

The two extra points in there are:

How I do that: through webinars

Keywords: LinkedIn expert, content and copywriter.

Now, let’s look at the 17 ways you can zhoosh up your long LinkedIn headline.

1. Symbols. It is very common to see sections of headlines divided by such symbols as | ▪ / ▪ ◊ or even ֍. These can be inserted direct from the keyboard in Word.

2. Text formatting. By using a platform such as Unicode, you can make text bold, italic, bold and italic, and even some crazy fonts like this:

3. Emojis – using different emojis only once:

4. Emojis repeated:

5. Unusual or attention-grabbing text-only:

This headline for a forensic scientist is both memorable and easy to understand.

6. Call to action. Asking interested profile viewers to do something specific:

This headline would have been improved by providing options for how to contact the person.

7. Humour – a tricky one to get right but this nails it:

8. Testimonial – having someone else say something nice about you is much more believable than claiming it yourself:

9. Question and answer – posing a question that you then answer is a great way to showcase your skills. Here’s an edited example of one we spotted:

Looking to grow your people? Want to help them reach their potential? Then you need to develop them, challenge them, support and upskill them. I can help you with fully customised, bespoke learning solutions.

10. Phone number – if it’s appropriate for your business, include your phone number:

11. Unique – standing out by being different is perfectly acceptable on LinkedIn, provided you do it professionally. Here’s one I particularly like:

12. News – add a news snippet from your industry. In this example, the news is the new profile headline length:

13. Community – if you actively volunteer for a cause that’s close to your heart, share it:

14. Hashtags – if you want to be found in searches, adding a popular hashtag may help. They are also useful if you always use the same hashtag in your posts:

15. Repetition – use the same word several times for instant impact:

16. In tune with the times – reflecting what is happening in the wider world can also be impactful:

17. Location – if you work across city, state, regional or national boundaries, add it to your profile:

I see headlines as something to constantly tinker with. You might find that making one small change will increase the number of times your profile appears in searches, or you may be contacted unexpectedly by your dream client. Take note of these because the more often they happen, the more on the mark you are with your headline.

Lynnaire Johnston, Word Wizard is New Zealand’s #1 LinkedIn expert and in the top 20 Asia Pacific, as ranked by the Social Media Marketing Institute. She is a daily LinkedIn practitioner, and works with clients on their LinkedIn profiles, training their staff and providing personal coaching sessions. Follow her to learn more about LinkedIn and don’t forget to read her 77 tips for using LinkedIn in 2020.