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[Sep 2020] Big Changes Coming to a LinkedIn Near You!

Significant changes are being rolled out to LinkedIn members over the next few months. Here are some of them and links to full explanations.

Messaging: You’ll be able to jump direct to a Zoom or Teams meeting from within LinkedIn messaging.
New LinkedIn Messaging Features

Redesign: There’s a new look with less blue and more white space which LinkedIn describes as simpler, more modern and more intuitive.
Modern LinkedIn Redesign

Search: A new, streamlined search experience will make it much easier to find the people, events, groups and content you want, says LinkedIn.
New LinkedIn Intuitive Search

Stories: Following the lead of Facebook and Instagram, these will offer an entirely new way to post on LinkedIn.
New LinkedIn Stories Feature

Editing messages: ever sent a message that had the wrong attachment, a mistake in the text or something else wrong? Never fear, edits are here (almost).
Edit or Delete LinkedIn Messages

Newsletters: this seems to be associated with articles and allows you to build up subscribers who are notified of new editions. Can’t wait!
LinkedIn Newsletter Feature