5 Reasons to Use LinkedIn Voice Messages


Yesterday, a new connection replied to my voice message thanking her for inviting me to connect with…

“Thank you Lynnaire, for taking the time to leave a voice message… My first on LinkedIn ! Your posts are thought-provoking and I look forward to reading you.”

Even though LinkedIn voice messages have been with us now nearly 6 months, few people are using them.

But they work SO well that if you’re not, you are definitely missing out!

Here are 5 reasons to use voice messages:

  1. It stands out in your connections’ feed and so they will see it.
  2. It’s a novel way to thank someone for connecting with you.
  3. It can start a conversation that might build a relationship which could lead to doing business with the person.
  4. It is easy to do from your mobile (just go to Messaging and tap the microphone icon).
  5. People LOVE them and RESPOND!


You will need a pre-prepared message so that you don’t um and ah.

Don’t make it sound like you’re reading your message.

Keep your message short. You have up to a minute but 30 seconds is plenty.

Stop putting it off! Try it today.