brochuresFlyers and brochures are easily confused. They differ in their purposes, however, and often in their longevity.

A flyer is generally used to target a specific market or to promote a certain product or service with a special deal. This is most likely to run only for a certain time, so the flyer may not have a long lifespan. But it has a definite call to action you want the buyer to take.

A brochure tends to be more long-lived. It can be designed to showcase just one product or service, or a range. While it too wants potential buyers to take action, it is usually not so much about “buy now” but rather “call to find out more”. Brochures tend to be more expensive and larger, although not always.

To determine whether you need a brochure or a flyer for your business, first work out what you want it to achieve. If it is a short-term goal, think more in terms of a flyer; if it is a long-term goal, think brochure.

Why you need a flyer

Flyers can be used in an enormous number of ways. Here are a few potential marketing scenarios to get those ideas flowing:

  • A mail drop
  • Include it in the sales folder you give to potential clients
  • As giveaways at a trade show or seminar
  • To tuck in the envelope when sending out accounts or invoices
  • To display in a stand on your counter or your reception desk
  • To target a specific market within your business
  • To promote a particular product or service
  • To detail the technical aspects of a product

A flyer is an excellent use of your marketing budget. And if it is less time-bound – by which I mean there isn’t a finite date for the offer to end – you can keep them on hand for months. This means you can have a larger quantity printed, bringing down the total cost per unit.

Brochures are used in similar ways to flyers, as an aide to the sales process. They are also more common in the B2B (business-to-business) market where potential buyers need more thorough detail in order to back up their purchase decision.

If you would like to discuss how to produce brochures or a flyers for your business, contact the Word Wizard.