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How LinkedIn Can Give You More Customers and Clients

For business professionals, LinkedIn is the secret social media platform that can reap huge rewards.

By secret, I mean that most people don’t make full use of LinkedIn—and if they did, they would be amazed at the results they achieved.

Let me explain why.

More than 560 million business people are on LinkedIn. 250 million use the site monthly and 40% percent use the platform daily.

And they’re not there to share photos of their latest meal, watch videos of cute kittens or demand support for their latest cause through “share to your wall” posts.

LinkedIn is about business.

It used to be about recruitment. And to a degree, still is. But for those of us NOT in recruitment and NOT looking for a job, it’s about something much more.

What that “more” is depends on what you want from it.

Perhaps that’s personal branding.

It might be raising your profile.

Or sharing knowledge.

Maybe you want to be an “influencer”.

Or network with likeminded people online.

Perhaps even learn from experts in their field.

Or, like many people, you might simply want to generate leads for your business.

What you want out of LinkedIn dictates what you do on the platform.

But here’s the thing: almost any result you want, anything you want to do requires you to do one thing—engage!

Engagement is the cornerstone of LinkedIn.

Too many people put up the barest minimum of profiles and visit the platform only when they receive invitations to connect.

What a waste of the most amazing FREE business resource on the internet!

Every day more people are discovering the value of LinkedIn and how it can help them in their business, in their professional development and in their business-social lives.

You see, LinkedIn is one of those platforms that the more you put in, the more you get out of it.

Want to be connected with and learn from the best experts on the planet? You can, through LinkedIn.

Want to develop relationships with people who may ultimately become your customers? On LinkedIn, that’s possible.

Want to get your material in front of journalists, publishers and others who could turn you into a media sensation? You got it! LinkedIn is your vehicle!

Now, don’t get me wrong. It’s rare to become an overnight success on LinkedIn. But by persistence, giving value and showing up every day, it WILL happen.

One of the keys to success on LinkedIn is having an appropriate strategy. A plan. A series of activities you do regularly—if not daily—that get you to where you want to go.

Activities that are carried out in isolation or only when you feel like it won’t get you very far. But when you do them consistently, frequently and well—it’s another story altogether.

A success story, in fact.

Because the result will be a large network of connections who value you for your contribution, refer you to others needing the services you offer, and give value to you in return.

Here at Word Wizard, we LOVE LinkedIn.

We believe in its ability to get you noticed so strongly that we help others to do so, too.

We’ve developed a LinkedIn marketing programme called ConnectME. This provides you with new targeted connections, unique content and engagement that means your posts are shown to at least three times more LinkedIn members than would otherwise see them.

This enables you to become an expert in your field, exposes you to many potential clients and starts a dialogue with people that could lead to more business coming your way.

If you want to know more about how ConnectME works,  please contact us here.

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