How LinkedIn Posting Gets You Noticed

“LinkedIn is getting very crowded,” a colleague said recently to explain her reduction in LinkedIn posting. Yet, the facts don’t bear this out. There is still a huge chunk of the LinkedIn membership not utilising the platform as… Read More

5 Reasons to Start Using LinkedIn Company Pages in late 2019

For many LinkedIn users, company pages are a no-go area. We have enough work to do with our personal profiles and we simply don’t see the benefit of adding company pages to the mix. As a new convert… Read More

LinkedIn Background Photos 2019

LinkedIn Background Photos: promoting yourself or your business for free 24/7 One of the first things that catches your eye when visiting a LinkedIn profile is the background photo at the top. At least, it might if it’s not… Read More

Marketing by Guesswork

How Do You Choose Your Marketing Tactics? A colleague of mine is besieged by advertising opportunities. Each week she receives a call or email from one or more of the local free suburban newspapers, the paid-for regional daily,… Read More

Top Email ‘Sins’ and How to Avoid Them

 One type of business communication most of us do regularly, if not daily, is write emails. But it never fails to amaze me how often we commit ’email sins’. I was reminded of this recently when reading an… Read More

Writing LinkedIn Posts

How to Write Great LinkedIn Posts One of LinkedIn’s great strengths lies in the way it provides a level playing field for writing LinkedIn  posts, updates and articles. Except that isn’t always true. In the sense that anyone… Read More

Everything I Know About LinkedIn Posts That You Should, Too!

  For more than a year I’ve been creating and uploading two to five LinkedIn posts each week, for both myself and clients. During that time, I have looked at thousands of other posts to learn what works… Read More

2019 – the Year of LinkedIn in New Zealand?

In New Zealand, use of LinkedIn has not yet seen the same uptake it enjoys overseas. But I predict 2019 will be the year it emerges as the social media platform of choice for savvy businesses and professionals…. Read More

The Value of Comments on LinkedIn

LinkedIn Comments – Valuable or Not? When writing a post, can LinkedIn comments make a difference? Let’s find out! One comment can double the number of views a post gets! Admittedly, this might be a one-off. But I’ll… Read More

LinkedIn Video Posts

Why You Need to Include LinkedIn Video Posts in Your Marketing in 2019 2018 was the year video went wild on LinkedIn with LinkedIn video posts proliferating the newsfeed. 2019 will see more of the same – and potentially… Read More

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