Creating Great Brochures

How to Write and Design a Brochure That Makes You Stand Out From the Crowd

Most companies have or need a brochure or flyer. They are a great way to promote your business when you can’t be there in person and have many uses.

Your brochure may be the first time a potential client has heard of you so there some important things to get right if you want your company to be seen in the best possible light.

Image of brochuresHave your brochure professionally designed. Not by a family member or a student doing a design course, but by an experienced and talented designer. It’s the same principle as DIY. Attempt it yourself and you’ll end up calling in the plumber to fix the mess you’ve made.

One key design factor to keep in mind is that it is very hard to read white or pale-coloured text on a dark background. It might make your brochure look good, but people won’t read the words.

Speaking of words – don’t have too many. Brevity is key here. Have enough to make your points but not too many that it puts readers off. This is merely an introduction to your company, it isn’t supposed to tell the whole story.

Use bullet points when you can. They make text easier to read and are specially useful if you have a list of some kind to include.

And when writing your brochure, remember that it’s about them, not about you. In other words, don’t have your logo front and centre. Convince them first that you understand and can solve their problems, then and only then tell them you’re the company to do it. Putting your logo first is like writing “Yours sincerely” at the top of a letter instead of at the end.

Include both features and benefits. That way people will feel more emotionally connected to you and will be more likely to make a purchase decision in your favour.

Never print your brochure without having it thoroughly checked for errors of spelling, grammar or punctuation. These make you look very unprofessional. And the worst mistake you can make is getting your contact details wrong. Double and triple check these, especially your phone number because your eye sees what it expects to see, not always what is written on the page. Read it out loud to be absolutely sure.

Creating great brochures which make your business stand out from the crowd are a Word Wizard speciality. Next time you need a brochure for your company, talk to us at Word Wizard first.