Business Writing Mistakes

mistakesDo you make these common business writing mistakes?

Publishing and distributing material with errors makes your company look less than professional, the opposite of what you are trying to achieve.

The errors listed below are among those I have found in otherwise professional business documents, so check to see if you are making the same mistakes.

  • Not starting a sentence with a capital letter.
  • Not ending a sentence with a full stop.
  • Using a capital letter immediately after a comma, even if it’s not a proper noun.
  • Forgetting that a noun beginning with a vowel (eg ‘e’) carries the indefinite article ‘an’. As in ‘an email’ not ‘a email’.
  • Erroneously giving an ordinary, everyday noun a capital letter. Only proper names (companies, people etc) carry a capital.

Making business writing mistakes is very easy;  making sure you avoid them is as easy as it is important. If you would like the Word Wizard to check any of your material, please contact us.