How to get results from your Facebook page

Facebook logoFacebook is an integral part of any business’s online marketing and has become a powerful tool for even the smallest of businesses.

One of the most common stumbling blocks, however, is content. Just what should be put on a Facebook business page?

This will depend on each company’s individual online networking goals. For instance, do you want to sell something? Make potential customers aware of your business? Initiate two-way communication with clients? Inform clients about special offers? Or something else entirely.

Whatever your goal, the 11 suggestions below will help improve your Facebook content.

Awards – have you recently won an award? If so, shout it from the rooftops. Send a press release to the relevant local and trade media (or national if your award is big enough) and place the link to it on your Facebook page. Or you can forgo the press release and just write a status update about it.

Vacancies – are you looking for staff? List jobs on your business page. You’d be surprised who knows someone looking for work that might just match your particular vacancy.

Newsletters – do you have a regular newsletter? If so, you will no doubt also be uploading it to your website. Link to it on your business page. Facebook is a great place to let people know about your newsletter, be able to find it, read it and hopefully subscribe.

Events – This is an area in which Facebook is exceedingly strong. Listing your event will save you a great deal of hassle because you can even use it to send out invitations.

Accolades I – Has a staff member achieved something momentous? Completed a qualification, won a sporting event or got married? Your business page is the place to let the world know. Do be careful, however, to get you staff member’s permission to put this up, it’s only courtesy.

Accolades II – Has a customer or a supplier achieved something momentous? Again, let the world know – with their permission, of course. Being aligned with successful people is always good for business. You don’t need to restrict yourself to accolades, of course, it could be something that your client or supplier is planning, running, or working on that might be of interest to your readers. Cross-promotion like this is an excellent way to build relationships.

Tips – what help can you give your customers? A tip sheet which will assist them in doing something in your field of expertise will be of great benefit. Examples include how to present a house for sale (real estate agents), how to write a press release (copywriters) or how to apply for a mortgage (bankers).

Specials – from time to time most product-based businesses have a sale or specials they need to discount in order to move. And people love the prospect of a good deal. So, what better place to advertise it than your business page. Facebook also has a marketplace section where you can list items for sale.

Articles – Whenever your business appears in the mainstream media, put the link on your page. Again, success begets success, and people like to read about companies or people they know. Likewise, if you are writing articles yourself that you are placing on your website, put a link to these on your Facebook business page.

Competitions – Just like a deal, everyone loves a competition, especially if the prize is something worth having. Running a competition via your business page is a good way for it to go viral – be passed on to other people. And, you end up with lots of new people to add to your database, and who may choose to like you and follow you on Facebook.

Videos – If you have good quality video presentations about your business, add a link to them. There’s good reason why You Tube is the biggest website on the planet – people love multi-media.

Links – Not all your business page content should be about yourself. You should also include content from elsewhere – or links. These can be links to You Tube videos that relate to your business (or that you just like), links to your favourite causes and links to affiliated businesses. If, for example, you are a member of a business networking group like BNI, then you could link to other members’ businesses. This makes you look generous and could increase traffic to both your page and the other business’s page.

Whatever your choice for content, just remember that to make it a proper two-way conversation you need to have considerably more content that is not self-serving, that is of interest to others, than content that pushes your own barrow. If it’s always about you, your readers will un-like you pretty quickly which is the opposite of your goal.