How to increase your credibility

Credibility graphicIs poor punctuation letting your website or other marketing documents down? Is it important? The Word Wizard team believes so in this short article about raising your company’s credibility.We’ve all seen those Facebook cartoons that point out the perils of bad punctuation. We laugh and think, “Thank goodness we don’t do that.”

But are you sure?

Take a look at this website.

The company is award-winning – for its designs, at any rate. I doubt it would win any award for its punctuation. Or its overuse of the ampersand (&).

So, how important is it to use correct punctuation?

That rather depends on which side of the fence you’re sitting on.

If you’re the company producing the communication (be it a website, newsletter or any other type of marketing document), you may think that as long as people know what you’re trying to say that’s all that matters.

If you’re the potential client and want to do business with a company you believe to be professional and competent, you may think that use of language says a lot about an organisation. You might think, for instance, that if they can’t get their own website right, they might not be very good at anything else.

A company’s credibility stands or falls on how it presents to the world. If it does the job well, its credibility ratings will rise. If it does the job poorly, it will be viewed as less credible.

Given the level of competition most businesses face, every edge you can possibly grab has to be grabbed with both hands.

So, grab yours by making sure your business documents are well written, correctly punctuated and properly edited before they see the light of day.

If you need someone to help you with that, let the Word Wizard team know and we’ll get it sorted for you. Because we know our right from our write.