5 Tips for Brilliant Newsletters

Newsletter graphicNewsletters are one of the best ways to keep in touch with current clients and to attract new ones. They keep your business in the forefront of your clients’ minds, educate and inform, and give you a low-cost method of promoting your business. But keep in mind these 5 tips when planning your newsletter campaign.

  1. Your newsletter needs to contain enough interesting information that it is kept rather than discarded. This requires you to put yourself in the shoes of the readers – your clients. What you would like to read if you were receiving this newsletter? What would you find interesting? What would you want to know? Balance you articles – some promotions and sales, sure, but also include educational or tip-based articles.
  2. Regularity is essential, although frequency can vary depending on your type of business. It could be anything from monthly to bi-annually, but the general rule of thumb is no less than quarterly. Otherwise, your newsletters lose their impact.
  3. Your newsletter should be on glossy paper (surprisingly, it’s cheaper than matte or non-gloss paper), and observe the rules of good design with eye-catching headlines, crisp photos, and smallish blocks of text. You will need your newsletter professionally designed unless you have a staff member who is a wizard in this area.
  4. Unless you have flair for or experience in copywriting, it is likely you will need the assistance of a professional writer to help you put your newsletter together or, at the very least, edit your text for grammar and punctuation errors. Nothing makes a business look sloppy more than an error-laden piece of communication.
  5. The final question to consider is distribution. Will you email or mail it? There are advantages and disadvantages of each. Mail, for instance, can be time-consuming but is a great way for staff to fill in down-time. Or you could pay a local teenager to neatly address the envelopes. Weigh up the costs and the benefits before deciding how best to get your message into the hands of your current and potential clients.

One thing is certain – if you regularly send out a newsletter you will be rewarded with additional business.