Whizzing up a wicked website

How to write and lay out your website for maximum impact

website report graphicEnsuring your website is a cut above that of your competition is crucial to your business success. But it is no easy task. Which is why you’re reading this. This report identifies a number of ways in which you can make improvements to your site, or, if you are still in the throes of setting one up, ensure you start out on the right foot.

It concentrates mostly on website text or copy because this is by far the most important element of a site. It does not cover design in any significant detail, because that is the domain of the skilled web designer.


Having a website today is as important as a business card. No business can afford to be without one. Why? Because it’s how you make yourself credible in your customers’ eyes, it’s how you advertise yourself to the world 24/7, and it’s now how people find you.

Gone are the days when people would look you up in the Yellow Pages and phone for information. Today, they Google you and expect to find an information-filled website. If they can’t find you, then, to them, you simply don’t exist.

You need a website. It doesn’t have to overly expensive, sophisticated or large. But you do need an online presence today for your business to be seen as credible.

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