LinkedIn Group Training

LinkedIn Training NZ helps companies harness the power and opportunity of the world’s leading B2B social media platform – LinkedIn.

Companies increasingly understand the value of LinkedIn and know their staff could use it to enhance the organisation’s profile and branding. However, staff and team members often have insufficient knowledge about LinkedIn to make this possible. And, their own profiles might not even be up to basic standard.

In these cases, training on the use of LinkedIn is required.

Types of LinkedIn Training Offered

The best training programmes are those that dovetail with an organisation’s needs. That’s why at LinkedIn Wizard NZ we tailor our training to suit each company’s requirements. However, training generally falls into these categories:

  • LinkedIn Profiles
  • Company page setup and management
  • Publishing on LinkedIn
  • Engagement Strategies
  • LinkedIn best practice

When used well, the value LinkedIn can add to a company is enormous. From staff members helping promote the organisation through their own networks, to attracting quality staff, building relationships with potential clients and being seen as an industry leader – the opportunities are endless. Which is why LinkedIn is the world’s leading B2B social media platform with close to 1.5 million members in New Zealand alone.

To find out more about how LinkedIn Wizard NZ can help you to reach your LinkedIn goals, email us or call 0274 926 470.

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