LinkedIn Video Posts

LinkedIn Video Posts

Why You Need to Include LinkedIn Video Posts in Your Marketing

2018 was the year video went wild on LinkedIn with LinkedIn video posts proliferating the newsfeed.

2019 will see more of the same – and potentially even live video.

But if you’re not yet uploading video to your LinkedIn profile or posting it in your feed, you are missing an important communication tool. That’s because a huge percentage of posts are now video and they rank very well. This means they are seen by lots more of your connections and followers (and second-degree connections) than, say, a text post with an image. Or just an image on its own.

Anyone taking LinkedIn seriously for their business marketing needs to master video so that they look their absolute best and come across as both professional and knowledgeable.

I’ve watched a fair few videos myself this year and produced a few of my own – with varying degrees of professionalism, I confess, but each time I do the results improve.

Some of those I watched – although too few – have been excellent. The majority have been mediocre. And the remainder, were pretty much just awful.

To help my LinkedIn friends, I’ve compiled some ideas about what makes a professional-looking and sounding video for LinkedIn. I’ve organised it into a one page tip-sheet which you can download here. These tips are a mix of what I have noticed works well and what I’ve heard other experts suggest makes a high quality video.

You may not agree with some of my suggestions and may even have some addition ones of your own. If you’d like to share those, head over to the post itself and add your comments.

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