Types of advertisements

Advertising graphicAdvertisements, as you will have noticed, come in all shapes and sizes. Some are funny, some tug at the heart-strings, and some are mindblowingly silly. Until recently, most companies advertised in their local papers, relevant magazines, on the radio and – if they were big enough – on TV. Now, however, the options are very much wider thanks to the success of the Internet. Cyberspace is now filling up with ads, too.

Why you need to advertise

Advertising brings in business. The problem is that not all advertising brings in business. In fact, it’s generally understood that half of all money spent on advertising is wasted. The problem is knowing which half!

Unfortunately, if you fail to advertise, you will not attract new customers. And given that there is inevitably an attrition rate amongst your current customers, you will always need new ones to make up for those you lose, even before beginning to expand your business. When times get tough many business cancel their advertising which is counter-productive given that for many advertising is what brings in the business.

Choosing the best medium and type

Although this is a complex question, it will largely depend on your budget and your objective. It will also depend on whether you are a B2B business (business-to-business) or a B2C business (business-to-consumer). And, finally, it will depend on whether your target market is searching for your type of business online or off.

If you are considering offline (as in newspaper or magazine), my advice is to go for the editorial-style advertisement. Word Wizard has had great success with this format, which looks very much like an editorial article, which for one client brought in $70,000 worth of new business.

How to make the most of your advertising dollar

To advertise successfully you need to choose the right medium to reach your target market with your message. If you wish to talk with an unbiased, experienced marketing communications specialist, contact the Word Wizard.

View an example of Word Wizard advertisements (ask to see others).