Client Advisories

… Dynamic But Often Ignored

Client advisories graphicIt can be difficult, if not downright impossible, to be heard above all the marketing clatter. We are bombarded with messages seemingly night and day, so much so that we sometimes feel it’s not worth the effort, we’ll never stand out from the crowd.

In cases like this, you need a communication tool that’s not often used, something that will help you be noticed. You need the client advisory.

Not everyone is familiar with this clever little device so it isn’t commonly used, making it one of the more useful tools to have in your marketing toolbox.

First, what is a client advisory? It is a short document – usually just one page – that covers one topic and one topic only. It is written not as a letter but in an editorial format, similar to a newspaper or magazine article. It has a newspaper-style headline to gain attention, and it covers all the principal details of the topic, along with a call to action at the end.

A client advisory is, in effect, a mini newsletter. It has the advantage of being easier to prepare, however, because it covers only the one topic. This makes it highly effective because it has more chance of reaching your clients’ hands than a time-consuming newsletter that often doesn’t quite get completed or sent.

For two reasons it also has a higher chance of being read. The first is the sense of importance and urgency about the term “client advisory”, as if it must be read immediately or the reader risks missing out on crucial information.

The second is that its brevity gives it a greater chance of being at least scanned, if not read, than a newsletter. This is particularly so if the message it carries is of relevance to the reader. Even if they already know the information, they are likely to scan it for anything that may be new to them.

So then, why is a client advisory so useful? Apart from it being easy to prepare and quick to distribute – which can be by email or hard copy – client advisories have other uses.

I like the idea of all marketing communication materials having multiple uses. This makes them cost-effective and helps get your message out to your clients and potential clients. You will be top-of-mind when next they need a company offering your products or services.

Advisories can be used in the following ways:

  • Added to your website – either under news or added to your general content
  • Turned into a PR or news release and sent to the local media
  • Uploaded to your Facebook business page, your LinkedIn listing, or your Twitter tweets
  • Included in your next newsletter
  • Added to the marketing pack you give new clients.

The key to an attention-grabbing client advisory is your topic. Choose something that has high relevance to your clients, is topical and will be useful to them. This way, your communication will be read, and your business will be remembered as one which is helpful without being self-serving.

If you wish to have some help in preparing a client advisory, contact the Word Wizard today.

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