Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Are You Losing Money Because of a Poor Online Presence?

  • Is your business on page 1 of Google so potential customers are constantly visiting your website, flooding you with new business?
  • Are you getting regular reviews so you stand out from your competition?
  • Have your internet properties (website, Facebook and Google+ page etc) all been optimised* for search engines?
    (* “Optimised” means behind-the-scenes work to make sure Google and other search engines can find you. It is crucial to your online presence.)


Then you are losing business every single day!

When looking for products or services 94.9% of people search online. If they can’t find you quickly and easily – because you’re not on page 1* – and if you don’t come highly recommended through reviews, they will choose someone else!
(* 92% of searchers don’t go past page 1 of Google)

Your business needs to be on page 1 of Google so you can be found quickly and easily by people looking for the exact products or services you provide!


By using our customised SEO (search engine optimisation) service.

Over six months we will make sure potential customers can find you, that you stand out from your competitors and that you dominate Google for your category.

Here’s what that entails:

  • Researching the keywords and keyword phrases that people use to find businesses in your category.
  • Using those keywords to “optimise” all your internet platforms, including your website.
  • Setting up those platforms if you don’t already have them and making sure they are fully optimised.
  • Adding you to all relevant directories so you can be easily found and so that you rank higher for your category and knock your competitors off page one of Google.
  • Working with you to develop a strategy to get good quality reviews of your business.
  • Using photos and videos to enhance your visual image online, moving you further up the search engine rankings.

If you want to have the best online presence of anyone in your business category and be on page one of Google, then call us today. The longer you leave it, the greater the chance your competitors will be taking business that should be yours!

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