Social Media

Social media graphicOnline marketing – also known as social media – has become part of the marketing toolbox for all forward-thinking business.

Once, a website was sufficient for an online presence. Now, you need to be visible on as many sites as possible in order to maintain or increase your search engine rankings. That’s because Google et al are now including social media sites in their algorithms that decide where in the rankings your pages feature. Inevitably, the more sites you have a presence on, the better your results.

Being seen online by your clients is one thing. Actually having something to say to them is quite another. Many people have been put off using Twitter because it has been used by many for inconsequential banalities. While that hasn’t necessarily gone away, people choose to ‘unfollow’ those who have nothing to say, preferring instead to ‘follow’ those who do. However, coming up with something useful in 140 characters or less, on a regular basis, can be taxing.

The same with Facebook. Your clients and customers want to see new content on a regular basis. That’s how online conversations are generated, and how word gets out about your business. But coming up with interesting, inspiring, even funny content can be a drag. It can also be time consuming and a hassle when you are already overloaded. You may not even like doing it or want to be bothered with the whole business. Time then to consider bringing a specialist on board.

Social media is a foreign concept to many people. But those who understand it and know how best to leverage from it can bring huge success to their business clients.

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