Setting up a Company Newsletter

Why You Need a Newsletter and How to Do It!

Newsletter iconEvery company needs a newsletter. Yes, even in the 21st century. Yet, surprisingly few use this cheap and effective marketing tool in their businesses.

The reason? Could be they don’t see the need (and would therefore rather let their competition get the jump on them). Might be they think it’s too expensive (it’s cheaper to keep clients than get new ones). Or perhaps they don’t have the time (running your own business is, by definition, a clash of priorities.

Whatever the reason – not having a newsletter means you’re missing out on business.

Just ask Tania from Chem-Dry. When she sent out a newsletter recently it resulted in the phone ringing immediately with business they might not otherwise have got.

A newsletter jolts people into taking action. It’s a way to let people know about your special offers. It gives them relevant information they may not get elsewhere – and that makes you look both knowledgeable and generous.

So, where do you start? First, you need a delivery method. We recommend Mailchimp. Because it’s free and it allows you to see how many people have opened your newsletter. People can also unsubscribe easily.

Second, you need a template. This can be done in Mailchimp if you have a design bent. If not, talk to us and we’ll create one for you cheaply and quickly. One that you can use every time you sent a newsletter.

Third, you need content. And this is where many companies fall off the rails. They simply don’t know what to write or how to write it. Again, that’s where we come in. For a ridiculously small amount of money (given what you are likely to get back in return), we can put together a monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly newsletter that keeps you in front of all your clients. In other words, it gets you noticed.

And we will happily sit down and chat with you about this. For FREE. Call Lynnaire on 0274 926 470.