Looking for Speakers for Your Next Event?

speakingTechnology updates are great. They move our businesses forward in all kinds of ways.

But sometimes it’s the basics that count. And adopting new innovations merely puts a band aid over a gaping wound.

That wound is communication. By which I mean the things we write every day such as social media updates, emails, letters and so on.

If we don’t do these things well, no matter what technology we use the result will still be the same – our message won’t be understood and our reputation will suffer.

Author and copywriter Lynnaire Johnston, the Word Wizard, teaches how to write well in all the common formats we use in business.

It may not be as sexy as innovation but it matters more.

So, if your staff could do with a refresher on the basics of writing, or your marketing team needs to learn more about copywriting, call the Word Wizard.

Need to Super Size Your Sales?

Matthew Mewse, the Telephone Man and Lynnaire Johnston, the Word Wizard.With her husband, Matthew Mewse the Telephone Man, Lynnaire has written the well-received book, Super Size Your Sales. It explains how to combine the power of the phone and the pen to rake in new customers. (See www.supersizeyoursales.com for more information.)

Lynnaire and Matthew present seminars and workshops and speak at conferences on the topic – something no-one else in Australasia is currently doing. If you want an informative yet entertaining presentation at your next event, talk to them about what they can offer.