Maximise your LinkedIn success with Link∙Ability

Do you want to climb the corporate ladder, promote your personal brand, or bring in leads for your business? LinkedIn, the world’s largest business social media platform, can help you do that and much, much more.

But merely being ON LinkedIn isn’t enough if you want to be both visible and credible.

Link∙Ability 4 powerful strategies to maximise your LinkedIn success is packed with valuable insights, essential know-how and practical tips that show you how to leverage the LinkedIn platform to your advantage.

Lynnaire Johnston, the Word Wizard, is ranked New Zealand’s No. 1 LinkedIn expert by the Social Media Marketing Institute (Australia). In Link∙Ability she reveals the 4 powerful strategies that are essential for effective communication and networking on LinkedIn.


Extend your network and create new businesses opportunities.


Add value to conversations to increase your visibility and credibility.



Use current best practices to reach the largest possible audience.

Direct messaging

Reach the right people the right way and with the right message.

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