LinkedIn coaching personalised to your needs and the results you want!

LinkedIn is an increasingly complex platform, which makes it difficult to know how to get the best from the hundreds of available features. Especially as new features and new ways of using existing ones are constantly being introduced and discovered.

Personalised, 1-2-1 coaching – no matter where in the world you happen to be.

Here’s how Word Wizard’s LinkedIn coaching works:

We schedule a free 15-minute chat to determine what you want help with. Then we send you a short questionnaire which asks more specific questions about your particular area of interest on LinkedIn. This could be how to update your profile, how to set up and use a company page, how to publish posts and articles – or any number of other LinkedIn activities.

Once we know what you would like to learn we schedule a 60-minute training call, using Zoom. This way we can share screens and you can watch live as changes are made, enabling you to learn how to use LinkedIn for yourself.

At this point, now you understand what’s involved, you might prefer to switch to a done-for-you service where we do the work on your behalf. Or, you may be happy to put into practice what you’ve learned. Further coaching is also available if you wish to take your LinkedIn activity to the next level.

We’re entirely flexible and work to exactly what our clients want. So, if you think some LinkedIn coaching would help you, get in touch for a free 15-minute chat and let’s see how we can get LinkedIn humming for you.

We also:

  • Train teams
  • Update profiles
  • Set up company pages
  • Run LinkedIn marketing programmes

To find out more, email or phone +64 0274 926 470. And please, follow us or connect to us on LinkedIn.