Need a Professional Business Copywriter to Handle Your Copywriting?

copywriting-dunedinAll businesses need marketing material, whether that’s content for a website or social media, or copywriting for a brochure, newsletter, sales letter or advertisement. And, from time-to-time most companies have something of interest to tell the world via the media, which requires a press release to be written.

But if you’re too busy, or you’re not the world’s greatest writer – how do you get that material written quickly and efficiently? You hire a professional business copywriter like Word Wizard.

For nearly 15 years, Word Wizard has been the go-to copywriter for companies the length and breadth of New Zealand. We will tackle almost any writing or editing job, and work with you to ensure you get the result you want.

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Do You Want to Super Size Your Sales?

Raking in new customers is easy. Simply dovetail your marketing material with your business-by-phone calling. Ok, maybe it’s not so simple.
But now you can find out how to make it simple with the new book, Super Size Your Sales, written by the Word Wizard (Lynnaire Johnston) and the Telephone Man (Matthew Mewse).

Head over to the Super Size Your Sales website to find out more.