Website Copywriting and LinkedIn Content that Helps You Stand Out From the Crowd

All organisations need written material, whether that’s content for a website or LinkedIn, or copywriting for a brochure, newsletter, sales letter or advertisement. And, from time to time, most companies have something of interest to tell the world via the media, which requires a press release to be written.

But if you’re too busy or you’re not the world’s greatest writer — how do you get that material written quickly and effectively? You hire a professional business copywriting team like Word Wizard.

Do you ever come across copy that makes your eyes glaze over? It’s so full of jargon or is written in such a highbrow way that it makes no sense, let alone persuades you to buy?

That’s not the type of copy we write at Word Wizard! We write easy-to-read, understandable and attention-grabbing copy that makes our clients stand out.

We specialise in two main areas — websites and LinkedIn.


Our unique system of website writing has been developed specifically to help small businesses, sole traders and small corporates. The system ensures that all aspects of your site — technical and text — work together to get you noticed. Noticed by Google and noticed by potential clients looking to hire you or buy from you.


We help individuals and companies get more from the best business social media platform there is — LinkedIn! We write profiles that showcase your expertise to potential employers and customers. Our ConnectME LinkedIn programme helps busy business professionals make the most of the many features LinkedIn has to offer. Whether you want to find a new job, target new connections, become an influencer, generate leads or any other objective — ConnectMe can help.

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