LinkedIn content marketing that gets results!

Simply having a quality LinkedIn profile isn’t enough! You need to make LinkedIn really work for you if you want to achieve the level of success you know is possible. That’s why we offer LinkedIn content writing and network building, personalised for your specific goals.

It works in two key ways.

  1. Connecting with targeted individuals in a personal and meaningful way.
  2. Creating, posting and engaging with content that connections find valuable and useful.

Together, connecting and posting increases visibility, enhances credibility and leads to business or other opportunities.

LinkedIn marketing can be tailored to individual circumstances and budgets, depending on the objectives, plans and current LinkedIn profile.

How it Works

We use the power of LinkedIn’s publishing platform to place relevant content into the newsfeeds of the very people likely to turn into customers. This is done by regularly creating and publishing posts and articles that people want to read.

Once posts are published, they are given a helping hand to get noticed by the algorithm, thereby increasing the number of views the material receives. This ‘engagement’ is our chief point of difference.

For those who want to take engagement to the next level we offer an opportunity to communicate directly with connections one-to-one and provide a higher level of personalised information.

Who is our LinkedIn Marketing For?

It is for anyone wishing to use the power of LinkedIn to enhance their career or business, and seeking to capitalise on the opportunities it offers.

The service has been designed to:

  • Strengthen brand visibility
  • Encourage strong relationships online
  • Foster business opportunities
  • Share knowledge and expertise, and
  • Develop industry leadership

Whether you are employed by a company or running a business and want a wider circle of influence or to become known as a leader in a particular field, our LinkedIn marketing service is for you.

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