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Link∙Ability Updates

LinkedIn is constantly changing. New features are added, existing features are changed and best practices today may be obsolete tomorrow. This page keeps you up to date with changes to information published in Link∙Ability in August 2020.

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Since Link∙Ability was published, some information has changed. Those changes will be detailed here as they occur.

The link for the YouTube video in the last line on p178 has moved to

contains a number of external links to other websites that may, from time to time, change. We regularly check these links and update them when necessary. As well, where links are listed in short form in the book, their full link is noted here:

P18 – JoAnne Funch blog article

P24 – Mark Williams’ LinkedInformed podcast

P53 – Unicode Text Converter

P67 – The Ultimate Guide To Social Media Post Lengths In 2020

P71 – John Nemo article on use of emojis

P98 – Unicode Text Converter

P120, P142 – LinkedIn by the Numbers

P151 – Quick access to your sent messages page

P178 – John Espirian’s video on commenting from a company page