By Connecting

How To Improve Your LinkedIn Connection Building

Are you a serial connector on LinkedIn? Or a considered connector? The former connects indiscriminately with anyone. The latter looks at the person’s profile to ensure they are someone they want in their network. 👀 Why it’s important to check out the person you want to connect to. 👀 I’m glad to be the latter because this morning LinkedIn served me up someone who is the antithesis of LinkedIn best practice. This person blatantly uses the platform to further his political ends. Plus, his attempt at controversiality (blaming cancer victims for becoming sick) backfired dramatically. The post sparked a raging argument. Controversy isn’t necessarily a bad thing. A recent post about email signoffs was opinionated and generated a lot of comment but none of it was personal or vitriolic. When considering whether to connect, take a quick scan through their Activity section. See what they say in their own posts and on other people’s. If there is no Activity section, the question about connecting doesn’t even arise (my bit of controversiality for the day!). I talk more about connecting in my new book Link∙Ability, 4 powerful strategies to maximise your LinkedIn success (now available in all the usual online places).