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LinkedIn for Job Seekers – A Profile Checklist

Competition for jobs in the remainder of 2020 will be intense. To be one of the lucky ones, your LinkedIn profile needs to leap off the page. Here is the LinkedIn Wizard’s guide to LinkedIn for job seekers 2020.

? Delete duplicate profiles by following the links at

? Use your email personal address to log in to LinkedIn, not your work email.

? Update your profile image to a current, professional head and shoulders image.

? Use your cover image to make your area of expertise clear at a glance.

? Claim your personal LinkedIn URL.

? Update and complete your contact information so people can easily find you.

? Write a meaningful, impactful, headline that says what you do, who for and the benefits.

? Use all three website listing opportunities offered in the Contact Info section.

? Turn on ‘Show recruiters you’re open to job opportunities’.

? Display the tertiary institute you attended. If you didn’t, leave Education blank.

? Add the location and post code of where you want to work.

? Use the About section to tell your story, summarise your career and showcase your skills.

? Make it easy for people to get in touch by adding your contact details to your About.

? Add images, videos, documents, certifications, website links etc to the Featured section.

? List all relevant and most recent jobs in the Experience section.

? Link each role to the appropriate company page where possible.

? Add media to each of your jobs, which at the very least could be the company’s website.

? Add courses, awards, publications, projects, languages etc to Accomplishments.

? Increase your number of Recommendations. You can never have too many.

? Give recommendations. You can never be too generous.

? Tidy up your Skills section and turn on Skills & Endorsements.

To learn more about creating an impressive profile, has free information here. We also have a full profile upgrade service, the details of which are here.