Word Wizard Copywriter Portfolio
Example Content Writing Projects

Word Wizard has been writing copy for marketing purposes since 2002. In that time, we’ve written all types of marketing collateral for almost every conceivable industry.

The copywriting examples shown here are a sample overview of the types of editorial, informational content we produce for websites, blog posts, case studies and LinkedIn.

Auckland electrical and automation company EAV operates at the top end of the home automation market. It needed a website that reflected this. The design and words needed to be complementary so that the wide variety of services offered was clearly represented to potential clients. A complex site with multiple components, this project involved a number of website and design specialists, including Word Wizard.

Spaceworks is a premier designer of office, retail, hospitality and education spaces. CEO, Lizzi Whaley, is a thought leader in the industry who uses the power of LinkedIn to share her forward-thinking views while subtly promoting the company.
Word Wizard is contracted to oversee the management of Spaceworks’ LinkedIn marketing. We prepare and publish multiple posts each week, that receive exceptionally high viewer engagement levels.

Australian playground design and manufacturer, Adventure + creates innovative children’s play areas for communities all over the country.
Word Wizard wrote a series of case studies demonstrating the company’s skill at turning bare land into exciting places for youngsters and their parents to spend time.

The Stables is an historic building in the heart of Dunedin repurposed for high-quality accommodation. Many of the building’s original features were left intact to maintain the heritage nature of the building.
A website was created that goes a step further than mere images of rooms and their facilities and included the history of the building.

Zero Harm Farm delivers location-based hazard management solutions for workplaces such as orchards, wineries, farms and event venues. It commissioned a series of case studies that demonstrated how its sophisticated software reduced injuries and accidents, and improved compliance with health and safety regulations.

Mindset and strategy specialist Sridhar Krishnamurti of Expand Consulting uses LinkedIn in his marketing to great effect. With the help of Word Wizard, he publishes posts and articles that receive wide distribution and promote his work.

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