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LinkedIn Comments – Valuable or Not?

When writing a post, can LinkedIn comments make a difference? Let’s find out!

One comment can double the number of views a post gets!

Admittedly, this might be a one-off.

But I’ll give you the facts and you can decide for yourself.

A normal post for this client – with no comments, likes or shares – generates around 300 views.

But when I added one comment – just one! – to his post right before Christmas, the number of views more than doubled.

Why? What might have caused this?

One contributing factor could be that I have 5000+ connections.

Another could be that I made the comment almost immediately the post went live (so it was within the golden hour).

Or, it could have been the subject matter (taking a first aid kit when you go away on holiday) was spot on.

But here’s the thing: the post contained a link. And, as we know, LinkedIn doesn’t like external links. (It doesn’t seem to much like internal ones either, for that matter.)

So, you’d think the post would generate fewer views than normal, not more (although I did use my favourite hack to try to fool the algorithm into thinking there was no link).

LinkedIn Comments – yes or no?

Now, maybe this was an isolated case. And I’m certainly not claiming that every comment doubles the views of a post (I wish!), but it definitely backs up the widely held view that posts with comments do better than posts without any comments.

Those of you in pods already know this and use it to great advantage every time you post. But if you don’t have this LinkedIn luxury, simply knowing that comments will extend your reach might encourage you to actively seek them.

Because there’s nothing worse than writing a post that is all but ignored by the algorithm and so no one reads it.

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